Welcome to Sunningwell Parish Council

Our aim is to provide access to news and information about the Parish, the business of Sunningwell Parish Council and other local government activity, plus events organised by the Parish Council. In keeping with Transparency requirements you will also be able to view Parish Council documents such as agendas, minutes and accounts information.

Sunningwell Parish covers Sunningwell, Bayworth, Boars Hill, Long Furlong in White Cross and a small area of Abingdon North. The number of voters and houses puts this in context:

Voters:   Boars Hill 302,    Sunningwell 215,   Bayworth 165,    Long Furlong 97,    Abingdon North 2.

Houses:  Boars Hill 128,    Sunningwell 93,      Bayworth 77,    Long Furlong 48,    Abingdon North 1.

Latest News...

North Abingdon Development

North Abingdon Development, Local Plan Part 2,  OCC Transport strategy (LPT4) & the Oxford to Cambridge Expressway.

The Parish council will continue to work in partnership with SPADE and others to try and ensure that the negative effects on the Parish are minimised.

Village Green

In September 2017 the Parish council completed the purchase of the Village Green. Sincere thanks to Paul Wooldridge for his dogged determination to see the Village Green acquired as a community asset and to those parishioners that donated funds.

The upkeep and maintenance of the Village Green is now the responsibility of the Parish Council and over the coming years we will be investing in it to ensure it can be used by the Parish and becomes a haven for wildlife.

Boars Hill Speed Limit Reduction

Following representation from a number of residents regarding road safety along Foxcombe Road, the Parish Council submitted an application for the speed limit to be reduced from 40 to 30 mph.  This was implemented towards the end of 2017.

Bonfire and firework display on Saturday 3 November on the Village Green

The 2018 Annual firework display is on SATURDAY 3 NOVEMBER at 6:15 for 7p.m.